Future Voters

“Since I was eighteen years old, I have voted in every election because it is important. Any of my friends who refuses to vote I won’t speak to them on politics and they can’t complain to me about government or local authority policies.”
Abiola Morrison, 23
January 2014

“There’s a real buzz in the community with young people at the moment. We are ready to make a change for the better. We need to start by voting and be counted. #GenerationAction.”
Cherelle Bethune AKA Chezy B.

“You can’t complain about who is representing you or not if you didn’t vote. Its up to you to make that choice”.
Jason Walker, 22

“Voting is your chance to have a say. Without your vote, you don’t have a voice.”
Siobhan Marie Blaney, 31

“I would vote if I thought it would make a difference but I don’t think it does because politicians are not interested in people like me and so I’n not interested in them either.”
Colin Baines, 20

“Young people should understand the importance of voting as its the only way for us to protect our future in this country.”
Alicia Malcom, 29

“Not voting is like you’re voting for the opposition, so I always vote.”
Dana May, 28